Our Cocktail Garnishes are produced by bartenders and those in the hospitality field for your cocktail usage.

Q + A

Why should you use Cocktail Garnish Co.'s dehydrated garnishes?

On Demand Shipping

We won't make you wait, won't quote you a week for an order, won't give you a tracking number and ship in a few days after. We keep stock because when you need garnishes for your cocktail programs or photoshoots - you want it now.

Save Time

Making cocktail garnishes isnt hard, but it is time consuming. At home you may make them once and say never again. In the bar you may run out and realize you have a problem as you can't replenish stock for at least 16 hours... simply crack our bags and apply the garnish.

Save Labor

It's time consuming to create dehydrated garnishes. We have nearly a thousand square feet of dehydration space and growing. This space is dedicated to producing high quality garnish with quality control daily. We're absorbing the labor so you can allocate attention where needed - to your guests.

Good For A Year

When stored properly these slices of dried garnish will last you a year. We suggest keeping our bags in a cool, dry, dark space. Humidity exists and where you can avoid it the longer these last. All bags have a dry pack inserted to absorb excess moisture and a press and seal to keep air out once opened.

Pineapple Perfected.

We've taken the rind off, we've cut the pineapples in half, we've made them dehydrated in quarters.... but ultimately we realized that leaving the rind on is what creates the most beautiful color contrast and texture for your cocktails.

14 Pineapple slices come in every bag, but we also include one more for good luck.

See Pineapple

  • We support & hire the hospitality industry, making all of our garnishes in New York.
  • Solving a major problem, while scaling with quality intact - we still keep your cost down.
  • The amount of cases we've had to send back to the distributor because the quality wasn't there. Top notch only.