Borrachito Boston Opens to High Volume Energy

Borrachito Boston Opens to High Volume Energy

photos by: Andrew Sokolow/Borrachito

Cocktail bars are a thing of the past, or at least it feels like we're getting to the point where high quality cocktails are to be expected no matter where you go out. In major cities all over the United States the rate of new bars opening and filling empty pandemic gaps is huge.


Enter Borrachito; A concept from The Garret Group that has already been tried and tested through New York City. Take the essence of quality tacos & cocktails and a trendy, hip scene, and you've landed at Borrachito. Their first location opened in 2016 and has stood the test of time by providing a quality experience in both the daytime and the evenings. Many concepts that enter Boston from NYC find locals far less embracing of their entrance to the community - however through their motto, Siempre Con Todo (Always With Everything), it's clear that Borrachito is entering a market to aid in the growth.


Borrachito Boston Seaport


Max-Stampa Brown is the company's beverage director and he's been extremely busy throughout the 5 locations that he overseas directly. Launching new locations through the company's concepts, making sure the bars are staffed, and not being home for weeks at a time is the definition of a high stress job. Cocktail Garnish Co. Blood Orange and Dehydrated Pineapple are used through a few of their signature cocktails, helping in relieving stresses on the operation.


The Seaport in Boston has incredibly high volume and it makes sense to streamline the business efficiently to be able to focus on service and other preparation tasks. Brown has utilized Cocktail Garnish across the bar group's portfolio over the last year - creating consistency and reliability where there are more important tasks to focus on to provide the best guest experience.


When you stop in, experience Siempre Con Todo.


Max-Stampa Brown Borrachito Boston

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