Dehydrating Garnishes At Home or Purchasing Garnish?

Dehydrating Garnishes At Home or Purchasing Garnish?

After googling dehydrated cocktail garnish, no doubt you were targeted by a flurry of advertisements. These advertisements were potentially ours, a competitor, or even a dehydration company looking to sell you a dehydrator. We're not hiding any secrets as you can make dehydrated orange slices at home with a little bit of time and effort. Did you see all the blog pages and images on google about how to dehydrate fruit easily at home on your own?


Easily make dehydrated garnishes at home:

We've made videos showing people how to dehydrate citrus slices at home and have posted about it numerous times on pinterest. We encourage you to go ahead and make a few slices of garnish at home to experience the work efforts that go into these garnishes. We put together a basic video showing you how to dehydrate fruit at home, and if you don't have a dehydrator you can certainly use your oven at the lowest temperature possible.

You may decide that doing your own at home dehydration was a fun experience, but was too much work! You may want to buy a few bags of dehydrated bar garnishes instead - just grab them here!


We want to know how your homemade garnishes turn out! Make sure you tag us @cocktailgarnishco
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