Cocktail Garnish Co. Episode 1 A Day Running the Business of A Garnish Company

Episode 1: A Day in a New York Garnish Company

We've been so coveted in our little Cocktail Garnish Co. facility that we wanted to have a bit of an open house, and you're invited!

Is drink garnish the most alluring thing in the world? No. Is it kind of cool though that we have built one of the best cocktail garnish companies around? Yes. Some of our team said that they'd love to show you around a little and let you know what goes on here.

From Production Manager + Partner, Brendan O'Shaughnessy or Warehouse Manager + Partner, Kevin Torres, we get to take a glimpse of how long they've been with us as well as what goes on in this facility as far as day to day operations go. We tried to get Angie on the show but it may take a little time to get her to warm up to us considering she's only been with us for such a short time.

We also encounter a 100% increase in our utility bill for December and struggle around making sense of the graph. It's not easy making sure the logistics of the bank, credit card, AR, team happiness, and staying in business all work out in the end but this team is committed to winning.

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