Mother's Day Cocktail Gifts Under $50

Mother's Day Cocktail Gifts Under $50

It's arguable that mothers enjoy cocktails more than fathers! (We don't actually know, we just made that up). With Mother's Day around the corner (May 14th!) don't delay on handling your shopping easily, effectively, and quickly. We've created a small list below of various cocktail components, accessories, and more that may make the perfect gift!

1. Botanical Bundle (Rose, Hibiscus, Lavender, Chamomile) - 10% OFF

This bundle has a little bit of all the necessities for fusions, syrups, and garnishing. In fact, we even see them used in candle and soap making as well. All of the botanicals are food grade quality and since their bundled, they're 10% off!

At $38, Cocktail Garnish Co offers free shipping on any order over $30. If you live on the easy coast you'll receive your order in a few days, and up to 5 days to the west coast!

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2. EightySix Single Use Straws - 100 Pack


In bars and restaurants, 86 is a term meant to say something is out of stock, finished, or over. EightySix straws utilizes mother nature's ability to produce naturally as every straw is made from grass. These are single use straws that matter in the effort to replacing plastic from your day to day. 

You can nab 100 straws for $14.

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3. "I'm Just Here For The Drinks" Book by Sother Teague

There comes a time in anyones cocktail journey in which they learn to craft cocktails in a meaningful way behind their home bars. They've mastered making an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, a Negroni, and now want to explore many more of the classics. Why purchase this book? Who's Sother Teague and why is he relevant? 

Sother Teague is a bank of knowledge, even taking Wine Enthusiast's Mixologist of the Year in 2017. He also owns Amor Y Amargo, one of the most notable spirit forward bars loaded with Amari from everywhere and consistently landing in the 50 best lists!

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4. Singapore Sunrise Cocktail Bundle

What's better than cocktails with alcohol? Cocktails WITHOUT alcohol. Coming in at $50, this is a value package with everything you need in one box.

The bittersweet spice of Melati complements the zesty grapefruit in this bubbly, lip-puckering combo. 

How To Sip: 

1. Add ice to your favorite wine or collins glass 

2. Pour 2 ounces of Melati Classic and 4.5 ounces (or half a bottle) of Betty Buzz over ice and stir

3. If you have it, garnish with dehydrated lime and fresh basil—we love this aromatic finish! 

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