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Bar Taco saves time and yields consistency with dehydrated lemons.

Full circle is an understatement when discussing bartender's work ethics and the work that it takes to dehydrate oranges for cocktails. And it isn't just the oranges, but also the limes and lemons. These tasks take time to accomplish as well as the hours of electricity while drying the sliced wet fruit.

Recently, Bar Taco ran a small test utilizing garnishes over a week long trial through all of their locations to see if utilizing our dehydrated lemon slices would work well in their restaurant locations. One single cocktail was able to shine, allowing each location to go through more than 300 cocktails utilizing the Cocktail Garnish Co. Lemons.



Why didn't they make them in house? Why not use their staff to produce slices of dried fruit instead of outsourcing? Although these are all valid questions in the scope of keeping margins where desired there's one thing that stands out, especially with Bar Taco.... They squeeze fresh limes.

Cocktail Garnish Co. orders cases of fruit multiple times a week, in pallets. With the amount of lime that Bar Taco goes through why would we want any more cases of fruit in their fridge for anything but the limes they need to keep cold? When we dehydrate our citrus we lose nearly 92% of its water weight over the course of the 15+ hours we dry at. In the process of this everything shrinks considerably, translating into severe space saving. 

High volume bars and restaurants use Cocktail Garnish Co. as we make it so easy to set up shop without ever missing a beat. Someone forgot to produce the night before? No problem. Don't have fridge space to hold onto cases? We do. Want to store fruit in a cool, dry, space and take back your room? Got it. 

After all, shouldn't your team be focusing on the guest experience instead of worrying about the citrus burning through their latex gloves

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