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3 Ways Dehydrated Cocktail Garnish Benefits Your Bar

Dehydrated fruits have been around the world for ages, a way to preserve the longevity of fruits and meats. In recent years with the rise in popularity of cocktail bars drinks have become more intricate in both their ingredients and their presentations. Currently, when you walk into an establishment you expect to see a cocktail list to order from and even further - you expect to be wowed by the drink you order.

Where lime wedges were cut sideways for years, circular lime wheels became a more expected cocktail garnish in a drink warranting such. Orange rind and quarters became more popular. Lemons also began to see the adaptation of the modern day cocktail bar. Cocktail Garnishes are more intricate than ever. From candied ginger to cucumber slices rimmed from within the glass or paint brushed design swaths of reduced spirits along the inside or outside of a glass - we’re at a height of creative cocktail garnish usage.

Here’s a few of the best benefits with extremely useful impacts for your bar or restaurant in using Cocktail Garnishes, feel free to grab any of our variations of dehydrated garnish or botanicals here.



Less waste doesn’t only make your pockets happy, but your patrons would be happy to find out that you use dehydrated fruit so you could stop throwing out all the unused precut slices at the end of each night. We save our lime and lemon caps to also be dehydrated for the future use of cocktail rimmers. Many bars aren’t juicing their own cases of fruit so wouldn’t it make sense to purchase dehydrated oranges, lemons, or limes that last for up to a year when sealed properly?


Social Media Advertising

Groups of guests will naturally be taking photos of their adventure in your establishment - it’s just part of what happens in the modern world that’s propelled by social media location tags. Each time a guest orders a drink at a bar that’s underwhelming you’ve missed an opportunity to create a beacon of free social media posting for these macro or micro influencers. Don’t discredit someone who has a hundred followers because others have thousands. Many times the smaller account can be extremely influential and have much more of a tight knit friendship with followers.

When a cocktail reaches the table dressed appropriately (perhaps a dehydrated lime for a margarita), your guests will take photos and be equally proud of where they are. We supply wholesale fruit to bars and restaurants with near zero lead times because you shouldn’t have to wait to satisfy your needs. Contact us for your quantity needs or we’ll have a professional narrow down the size that is appropriate for you.


Labor Costs

We love our employees but we also understand that you also work within a labor budget. Our slices of dehydrated garnishes reduce added hours as we’ve already done the work to supply you for 2 weeks (high volume) to months (intimate spaces). There’s no worse of a feeling than gearing back up for the weekend and going into the shift realize someone forgot to prep more garnish for the weekend.

Our garnishes are designed for you to reach into your storage area and pull the amount you need for a few days or shift. Call or email us today to get your garnish prepped to take your cocktail program to the next level.


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