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Dehydrated Pineapples for Cocktails, Skin off? Skin on?

When the Cocktail Garnish Company was being put together the most important objective was to create the staples of every drink and iron out the kinks. We created the Dehydrated Lemon, Dehydrated Orange, and Dehydrated Limes firstly as these are the necessity for most cocktails. Our roadmap is complex with many variances and variations to come - so it makes the most sense to scale with this company. Naturally our next release is Pineapple for its fragrance and beautiful colors.

Image: A Pascal Shirley
Image: A Pascal Shirley, The Algonquin (Rose Cafe, Venice, California)

The only way to get a clean thin consistent slice of pineapple is feeding it through a deli slicer. As we tested earlier in the runs utilizing mandolin's and straight slicing by knife - it just didn't make sense as there wasn't enough consistency and they weren't thin enough to create an even dry. Furthermore the pineapple creates such a beautiful wave as it dries and tightens; ultimately looking like a sunflower.

Pineapple with the rind left on (Click here to view) allows you to use it in a drink that potentially has a lighter color body - and the skin adds a nice contrast as it's far darker than the flesh.

These pineapples wind up finishing with a heightened smell of sweet concentration. There are zero additives to these slices as they are purely dehydrated fruit. They're delicious as we've eaten many, although we can't tell you they are a food as they haven't yet been evaluated by the FDA - and when we do take that step, trust that you'll enjoy them as well in that capacity!

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