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Supercharge your day with super fruit... AND coffee!??

The daily routine can be tedious, repetitive and almost unbareable some days... but what if you threw a curveball in your week?¬†ūüßź¬†

So the real question is... what's your morning drink? Hot Tea, a¬†Greens Smoothie or just a classic¬†Cup o' Joe?¬†‚ėē¬†

Well¬†I dont know about you.. but I'm SUPER big on coffee: Espresso, Drip, Cold Brew, Irish¬†ūü•É, Mocha Latte's... you know what I'm talking about.

I was really bored the other day, wondering what cool flavors I could put together and how could I get two vastly different flavors and make them work! 

I usually start my day with a couple herbal tinctures for health alongside with my daily homemade "red eye blend" (weekly flavored drip coffee & espresso blend). This REALLY gets my day going.

Okay okay, I'm getting off track... you came here for the superfruit didn't you? In my choice of flavor of the week, where I tend to prefer using bold flavors that can hold up to quality coffee, I opted to go super left field. dragonfruit.

After testing out a batch of dehydrated dragonfruit, I used the "scraps" to top it off with a sexy pink powder.

Now, I can't sit here and reveal all my secrets can I? Find out more here.  


   - Ant

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